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Provides the latest state-of-the-art waterproofing membrane that needs no additional adhesives or separate protection course.

Waterproofing Membrane is a cost-efficient, panel-type product with its own built-in protection course.
Dual processes- waterproofing and membrane protection can be accomplished in one application.

Technical Description

Multi-Dimensional, Self-Adhering  Waterproofing Membrane is composed of a unique combination of materials consisting of a weathercoated, fortified asphaltic protection course layer bonded to an asphalt-saturated carrier sheet which is bonded to a polymeric waterproofing membrane with a release liner. The multi-layer membrane is flexible enough to conform to concrete substrates that are reasonably smooth. It's tough enough to resist punctures and tears during normal application and backfilling operations. It is light enough for easy handling. Costly call backs are eliminated in order to replace lost or damaged foam boards  blown-off by the wind because backfilling wasn't done on schedule. With membrane, backfilling can be done immediately. In fact, in high foundation wall applications, backfill can be used as a natural scaffolding to reach the higher wall surfaces. Contractors like the ease of handling the 4' x 8' (1.22 x 2.44m) board panel size. Architects, engineers, and contractors are offered more cost-effective and time-saving options for either vertical or horizontal membrane panel applications, even to using Detail Strip to seal the top surface of foundation walls. The waterproofing products has a W.V.T. (Water Vapor Transmission) rating of 0.015 gr./sq. ft./hr. (0.001395 gr./m2/hr.) which is significantly better than other "peel and stick" self-adhering membranes. With membrane, no additional adhesives or separate protections boards are required. As a result, workers spend less tike down in the hole and use less materials to complete the job.


Multi-Dimensional, Self-Adhering Waterproofing Membrane provides a very cost-effective method for waterproofing foundations and vertical walls and mid-level floors in commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential construction. Combined with another innovative product, Premoulded Membrane Vapor Seal with Plasmatic Core for on-grade vaporproofing, the two products for a complete vapor/waterproofing protection system. A third unique product, Air-shield Self-adhering Air Barrier and Flashing Membrane can be added to form a trio designed to seal the building envelope for overall cost savings and extended service life for the building wall and its components.